Which motherboard to switch


Nov 26, 2011
hello friends
i have Ga945gcmxs2 motherboard , core 2 duo E4400 cpu , 2 gb ram .
my motherboard doesnot supports windows 7 fully and i am guided to change my motherboard.
i have shot listed two motherboards 1st is Asrock n7adsli and 2nd one is asus p5nd.
which to choose ?????????


Jun 19, 2011
I recommend you install Windows XP for now as many and lots of software and driver still supports it... Your computer is too slow to be running Windows 7 and by what i mean by slow is that it dont have enough memory(It does but will lap because it will use your HDD's and will slow you down) and your CPU is going to be used around 20-80% average when browsing or simple stuff and 100% when gaming even in LoL(League of Legend)... Windows XP will help minimize those by a roughly 60% from Windows 7...

EDIT: Save your money and buy a faster and newer computer instead of wasting money on outdated component with another new outdated component... What i mean by outdated is that it's worthless to upgrade and your just wasting money...