Sep 27, 2007
i ordered a qx9650 recently and waiting for it to arrive. ive narrowed down my motherboard choices to one of the following:

Asus P5E
Asus Maximus Formula
Gigabyte X38 DQ6
foxconn X38A

i already have 4gb of DDR2 1066.

if anyone could please give input as to which motherboard would get me the highest overclock on that cpu i would appreciate it. ive been really confused about which one to get. at first i was leaning towards the maximus, but then i started thinking why not just get the p5e. ive been trying to find out whether or not the foxconn overclocks as good as the others - the only reason its on the list is because it has both ddr2 and ddr3 support. also, i just want help choosing between the above - please dont suggest getting a p35 or something.