Dec 30, 2011
Right so I'm buying new extreme gaming PC and I need an advice whether to buy
Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse or NZXT Avatar s

Benq XL2420T 24 or Dell UltraSharp U2410 24

Microsoft SideWinder X4 Gaming Keyboard or Microsoft SideWinder X6 Gaming Keyboard

Will sindwinder x4 be just enough or is is worth it getting x6?
Or maybe Logitech G110 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard would be best of all?



Feb 5, 2010
have a look at more than just them

ive got a cyborg v7 and really like it,

it's a lot easier in late night gaming sessions with iluminated keyboard

some people have complained about the logitec mouse that the wire gets caught

if you are looking at the NZXT Avatar s

why not go for a customizable mouse e.g. the cyborg rat 5, you can change the length, weight etc of the mouse

try to find a place you can actually try the mouse and keybaords.

i ended up trying the keyboard at pc world and didn't even think of the mouse because of looks till i tried it at "the gadget show"


Sep 4, 2011
also i have the R.A.T 5 and i would recommend it to anyone, although if you are willing to spend a little more you could get either the M.M.O 7 or the R.A.T 7 infection, they both have a few more features that the normal R.A.T 3, 5, 7, 9 have.
theres not that much difference in the rat 7 to the rat 7 contagion to the rat 7 infection
the rat 7 to the contagion has a more sensitive eye and upgraded sensor with all the tiny benefits it brings. but nothing more... the rat 7 infection over the rat 7 contagion a fancy paint job, but still has the same problem of palm grease and finger grease laying on the mouse, requiring cleaning every 20 mins. its so bad i have had to aply my own grip coating to help me keep control of the polished enamel like surface.. both are over priced compared to the g400 or the roccat kone+ both 2 excellent mice for around £30 and both are much more reliable in build quality.

btw i have a rat 7 contagion, which also is supported on mac.


May 3, 2012
10,510 [...] 6823816001

Not one of your above choices but I would suggest giving it a look.

Recently picked up one of these, my first mechanical switch keyboard and it been great so far. (~3 months ago on sale for $69.99 so pretty good deal)

Contoured "WASD" keys are actually nice, wasn't anticipating to really use them but after trying them out I wouldn't want to switch back.

Raised keys are great for cleaning and the metal finish is nice!
keyboard if you can do without the backlighting then the steelseries 6gv2 is the best keyboard currently out at the £65 price point. it out performs everything up to £90+ but is a little heavy on the keypress... 30+ ms x4 is ok better than most up to 50+ but lests face it if your gonna spend 50 but you dont wanna spend 100 you may as well spend the extra and get the mechanical 6gv2... which is more important, fast key response or pretty back lighting..

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