Which mousepad for Logitech G500?


Aug 7, 2009
I just bought Logitech G500 (my old G5 died :D ), for my old mouse i didnt have any mousepad, just my desk surface. Now that i got new mouse i want to buy some good mousepad. I was looking at Razer Goliathus and some Roccat mousepads. But now im very confused which should i buy, soft mat or hard mat, which company. Which mousepads are the best for logitech G500 mouse?
I will be using my mousepad mostly for gaming, first person shooters.


I like soft mats, they double as wrist cushion. I get the cheap, extra large one at frys, its 12x18" and 1/4" thinck for $10. I have a MX518 and it is smooth. Its all personal preference, I'm not picky. I used mice with balls for 20 years!