[SOLVED] Which new monitor purchase would be most worth it?


Nov 21, 2017
I am planning on getting a second monitor since my primary one has recently broken due to terrible circumstances :(
I previously had a 1440p display with 144 hz but I'm currently looking into two different types of screens. One of my options which I'm leaning towards would be a 1080p monitor but with 240hz
The other being more expensive would be 1440p with 165 hz
Now while having 1440p would be nice, so would the big upgrade to 240 hz and so my debate here is whats more worth it? The pricier 1440p which would be harder to get higher frames but with a lower refresh rate so thats less of a worry and a sharper display on 27 inches or theres the 1080p which at 27 inches starts to show pixels but with big strides in dlss could be a worry of the past and has 240hz that would be easily accomplishable on the lower resolution. I really am back and forth as seen in this post so any and all opinions on the situation would be greatly appreciated!
Thank You