Question which new video games are there in 2022? Playstation, Xbox, PC, Mac


May 3, 2019
Hello Friends,

which new Playstation games are there, that show future technologies; i like games such as Halo, but that show inventions that will be made in the future, i also like the game Call of Duty. I also like SIM (simulation) games.

i like shooting-military games, racing games, simulation games, and story games(like how call of duty does the campaign as a story).

i really like the Playstation console and the games they make, because in the 2000's i had a PSP.

but if you know any games on other systems such as Xbox, PC, Mac please tell me.

Also is the Nintendo Switch any good for gaming? what are popular games for nintendo switch? what do people use nintendo switches for?
Games that are supposed to showcase some new hardware or feature.
There really isn't anything new hardware wise to show off anymore. At least one that's trying to achieve an update in visual quality. The closest thing I can think of is Sony's PSVR2, but that's just VR.

Otherwise we could just continue to throw Crysis Remaster on "Can it Run Crysis?" quality or Cyberpunk 2077 until we get 120+ FPS at 1440p or 4K.

what is - 20 Minutes into the Future?
It's basically a way of saying the work of fiction takes place in the near-future, like something 5-20 years from modern time.