Question Which of the following courses will be helpful in Android Game Development?


Jun 15, 2017
Hello! I am very passionate about Video Game Development but unfortunately there are no institutes teaching about Video Games in Pakistan. And I am also a poor lad. My mom earns a very little amount. She teaches in a school. I can't afford going USA for studies. Anyways I have found an institute which teaches short term courses! It's Aptech! It offers many short term courses. I want experts to tell me that which courses will be perfect for Android Video Game Development. Here's the list:

Note: I know nothing about game development at the moment. But still I am a Hardcore Gamer! And always modding games to make them as realistic as possible by Graphical and Physical means.

Mirza Taimoor Baig
By the way, shouldn't i learn C++/C# languages before app development? Why don't you have a look on what they offer.
If the only think you know about computer is how to shoot the bad guys in a game, a programming course (C# or even Java) would be my first choice. Then, if you want to be game developer, ANdoird course (which is heaviliy influenced by Java) would be the next choice.

And last but not least: You don't need a degree or certificate in order to be good game developer. Game development itself consist of many (sometime overlapping) subjects, so choose wisely where you want to go.
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There are number of websites that has various game development courses. Two websites, that I see people using quite frequently are - lynda and digital tutors. Now these are paid courses. But most of all if you even search on Google or YouTube, you'll find lots of video tuts for free of cost. I guess that'll help you.