Which of these 2 computers looks better?


Sep 16, 2011

I'm limited in how much I know about computers, but I know the 17 in screen looks good, they both have 4 gigs ram, I'm not worried about hard disc space. I'm also not worried about battery life. I might play games on it, but I have a desktop so I'll probably play my most intensive games that. So basically, this becomes a competition between the cpu and the video card. I can't tell the difference between the 2, as everywhere I look there are different opinions. I only have 3 hours before I have to go where I don't have a computer, and I'd like to order this today, instead of Monday.

What I'm asking is for you to tell me your opnion and explain. You don't know how much this will help me.

P.S. If you know a better computer for the same price, tell me.

P.S.S. Thanks in advance, and I'll thank you afterwards too ;)