Question Which of these 2 keyboards should I choose?

Which one of them?

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Oct 28, 2020
I looked for some good looking keyboards and stepped upon this site and now I want to choose between these two, one of them is like a pack with a mouse and the other one is a little bit more expensive but looks impressive (to me at least haha)

this one is the expensive one: K900 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

and this one is the one who comes with a mouse: Rainbow Backlight Keyboard + Mouse Set

So what do you think? And if you have other suggestions let me know :D

I tried to upload the photos of them but I couldn't find the option :sweatsmile:
First off, it's important to note what country you're in. Both products you posted have US prices, but are UK/Euro key layout, which suggests you may be located elsewhere than the US. I mean the site both products are listed on certainly doesn't look US based, and a bit suspect to be honest.

As to your question, neither look good. The first isn't true mechanical and is way too expensive for a membrane type board with so called "mechanical feel". It's false advertising to even call it a mech board, and what's strange is after calling it one, they describe it as membrane.

The second is a low price, but too low to expect a board and mouse that is of any quality that will hold up for gaming.

The keyboards I like and now use are the Bloody brand. They use their own design LK Light Strike switches, which are optical and use a laser for ultra fast key activation. The one you're looking at has 2ms activation time and tested for 1 million presses. The Bloody boards I'm talking about have .2ms activation time and are rated for 100 Million presses. They also use a box style switch, which has hardly any wobble compared to most switches.

TechPowerUp, a very reliable site for reviews, tested the Bloody LK Optical switches to be the fastest. The B840 I use also comes with very good software for setting macros or disabling keys that can be a nuisance, like the Tilde key, one that was causing me constant problems in Doom Eternal, until I got my Bloody board and disabled it. The keys also have what they call a "ladder" design, meaning each lower row is stepped down. This means I don't accidentally hit L Ctrl anymore in some games (caused me to accidentally waste grenades in Doom Eternal).

Lastly, make sure you look at the regional format of the key layout. As I said, both boards you posted use UK/Euro type layout, where the Enter key is tall and narrow, and this means other keys near it are shaped and placed differently too. Bloody makes models in both North American and UK/Euro layout. You may or may not be able to get a NA layout board in your area though.

Amazon sells the B840 model I have for $9 more than the Red Thunder you posted, but it's a WHOLE lot more board, and true mechanical.

Bloody Keyboards

Bloody B840 Amazon Price

Bloody B840 TechPowerUp Review

Note that the B840 has only amber color key lighting. They do have RGB boards too though. I've read that their mice are pretty decent too, but I've never used one.
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