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Jul 8, 2017
Hello everyone!!

Im trying to figure out what build should i get from the ones bellow (I live in Hungary so the prices will be wierd and high).
My total budget is around €450 / $550, and gaming is 98% of the time i would spend with my computer.

My options:
-Ryzen 5 3600 (€189,94; $230,51), with a B550 board (i like the feature set, €139,66; $169,49) and with 3600 Mhz, CL16 ram (€117,32; $142,37)
TOTAL: €447 / $542

-Intel i5 10400f (€159,22; $193,22), with a b560 or z490 board (they are around the same price at: €159,22; $193,22) and with 3600 Mhz, CL16 ram (€117,32; $142,37)
TOTAL: €436 / $529

-Intel i5 10600kf (€187,15; $227,12), with a b460 board (€114,53; $138,98) and with 2666 Mhz, CL13 ram (€89,385; $108,47)
TOTAL: €391 / $475

-Intel i5 10400f (€159,22; $193,22), with a b460 board (€114,53; $138,98) and with 2666 Mhz, CL13 ram (€89,385; $108,47)
TOTAL: €363 / $441

My rest of the setup is:
-Gtx 1060, 6gb (which i will upgrade, when there are normal/better prices)
-be quiet! Pure Power 10 CM 500W Silver (Is it enough for the i5 10600kf?? I would upgrade if i buy a new gpu)

I don't know anything about overclocking and XMP, so i would use the Ryzen and i5 10400f at stock, and later figure that out, when i need the performance.

I would now use the setup on 1080p, and i will upgrade later this year to 1440p.

I think i would get the best performance out of these with the 10600kf, and i wouldn't need to tinker with oc, but i have not seen any comparisons with these components (3600 with 3600 Mhz Ram CL16 vs 10400f with 3600 Mhz Ram CL16 vs 10600kf with 2666 Mhz CL13 [Can the B board take advantage of CL13?]).

I would upgrade in around 3 years i think. Would it be worth it saving up, and buy a better CPU, or buy a z board for the 10600kf and figure out over clocking, or is this a good setup for that time, and than upgrade to a DDR5 system.
Thank you if you took time to read all this.
I5-10400f is an excellent budget gamer,
Here is a review:
Overclocking is no longer a way to get something for nothing.
Modern turbo management delivers cpu boost to where you need it.
I would opt for a B560 based motherboard.
Look for a MATX format which is usually cheaper.
It will allow pcie 4.0 as well as faster ram speeds.
With a discrete graphics card, you need not pay extra for 3600 or faster speeds.
It will not show up as meaningful real app performance improvement.