Which of these is better?


Aug 3, 2012
i will go for the hp because when the dell has a Intel® 2nd Generation Core™ i7 the hp has a Intel® 3rd Generation Core™ i7 which is better.
the hard drive has 1000gb of space when the dell has 750gb
also the hp screen size is bigger. idk if you like that, but for my opinion it is better.
i think the battery's life of the hp last longer.
what i am not sure is which graphics is better. srry


Jul 20, 2012
The HP is using the onboard Graphics while the dell has a GT540M which would be superior for gaming as integrated graphics will struggle almost right off the bat.

The GT 540M is the mobile version of the GTX 540 desktop card, basically tuned for lower power and underclocked a bit to handle heat dissipation and power draw in a laptop.

Further, Both screens have good resolution but the HP has much better resolution due to the larger screen. For gaming I would actually have to go with the Dell due to the fact that the Graphics on the HP are not really up to the task of gaming. BTW the integrated graphics also use shared video memory meaning they will use the system RAM as their buffer.