Question Which of these seems better for my sons first pc?

Mar 23, 2019
I've been thinking about buying my son a gaming pc for graduation and found 2 pcs online that seem pretty good. Just wanted to ask if either of these seem like a god deal, or if you have any other suggestions on where to look I'd greatly appreciate it.
PC 1 $700:
RX 580 8Gb
i3 8350k
Msi Z370-A PRO Gaming motherboard
16Gb 2666Mhz RAM
Aerocool integrator 600w 85+ psu
1tb WD Caviar Green Hard Drive
120Gb Samsung 840 Evo SSD
Windows 10 Pro fully activated.
RGB keyboard, gaming mouse and RGB Sades A70 headset.

PC 2 $670:
Intel i7 2600 3.4ghz core i7

8 GB Ram dual Channel

256 Gb Solid state Drive, primary hard drive, windows 10 64bit

1 Tetra Byte Hard drive for backup

RADEON RTX 580 8GB Powerful gaming card,
2 dvi and HDMI ports, full hd supports, 1920x1080.

Gaming pc case, with 3 Large 12cm RGB LEDS Fans installed, with usb 3.0, headphone, microphone, glass window, so can be seen all fitted parts inside with blue lights.

Gaming Rgb Lights keyboard and Mouse.

Bluetooth Speakers,
Gaming Headphone with Microphone
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Mar 23, 2019
Are these new or used?

If you want a pre built pc, check out the Lenovo legion series.

How competent is your son(or you) in the pc arena?
Building your own is not hard or risky and can be a great opportunity for learning and bonding.
In the process, you will end up with better quality parts than you can get in a pre built unit.
thanks for the quick response, I'm not exactly tech savvy but my son has always been pretty good with electronics. I quite like the idea of bonding over this and maybe learning something new myself!
Give Son a budget and have him put together a list of parts.

As a guideline, budget 2x the cost of the processor for the graphics card.
For example, a I5-9400 or i5-9400F is around $170 and a GTX1660ti is around

Look for a 550 or 650w Seasonic focus for top quality and upgrade room.
Buy a 2 x 8gb ram kit up front.
Adding ram later can be problematic.

I will never again build without a ssd for the "C" drive. It makes everything you do much quicker.
120gb is minimum, it will hold the os and a handful of games.
But, many things default to the "C" drive.
When a SSD nears full, it will lose performance and endurance.
240gb is the recommended minimum.

If you can go 240gb, or 500gb you may never need a hard drive.

You can defer on the hard drive unless you need to store large files such as video's.
It is easy to add a hard drive later.

Samsung EVO is a good choice for performance and reliability.


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