Question Which of these two graphics cards should I buy? GTX 1080


Sep 16, 2017
I can get them for the same price.

A: Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080
B: EVGA Superclocked GTX 1080



EVGA draws me a little more because I have always seen it associated with the highest quality standards, but the other is the premium version and perhaps with better dissipation and quality components.
If the price is same then get the Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 GPU instead. Make sure to also use a compatible high-quality PSU with this card.

AORUS cards also have great build quality. EVGA has left the gaming GPU market now though. That Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 GPU is a bit more thick/bulky than the EVGA model, so make sure you have enough room inside your ATX cabinet as well.


It's a 1080. So both will be out of warranty. Both are 1080's so any performance difference will be negligible, essentially same card. Life expectancy and build quality is about the same.

As far as any home repair goes, the Evga has the advantage, it uses 2x standard rotation fans and can easily be replaced. The Aorus middle fan is reverse rotation and somewhat harder to get. Dealing with Evga for replacement parts or technical support is FAR better than dealing with Gigabyte.

The Evga (I find) also has a better noise, the hum from the Gigabyte fans tends to be at a pitch I personally find annoyingly distracting.


Yeah, I would probably source an RTX 3060 12GB instead.

GTX1080 is closer to an RTX3050 in specs, except for memory bandwidth. I have that EVGA card, but I water cooled it. Big advantage of that particular card is that it is truly two slots and only uses a single 8-pin PCIe, so good for more cramped builds.

Strapping case fans to a GPU works just fine, so I wouldn't worry too much about replacement fans.