Question Which one is dead: my CPU or my mobo?

Apr 10, 2020
Hello guys!

I got an issue with my computer. I'll try to detail it as much as possible. Oh and, thanks in advance.

A few days ago, I moved the PC to the living room to use it with my TV. It stayed there for a couple of days, working just fine. But when I brought it back to my room, the PC wouldn't start, it got in a boot loop.

This was the first time I've seen this happening, so I had to master a degree in domestic computer building to understand what was going on.

After tons of research, I managed to get the PC on again, however, it won't boot. All fans are spinning, the power LED is on. But here comes the scary (for me) part: the CPU debug LED is on all the time.

Whenever I turned the PC on, it would light up a series of LEDs throughout the mobo, (RAM, CPU...), Bios, a beep and then boot normally.

I already tried the CLR_CMOS jumper, removing the Bios battery, cleaning all slots, checking CPU pins, which are just fine and even and even mount the mobo on a cardboard, with only the CPU and cooler and one stick of RAM, but I got nothing. It won't even get to the beep.

I really need your help.


Asus B85-Pro Gamer | Intel I5 4690k + Corsair Watercooler H55 | Hyper X Fury 2x4 and 1x8, 16gb total | EVGA 430W 80 PLUS | WD Blue 500gb HDD + Kingston SSD 120gb | G1 Gaming Windforce GTX 960 2gb

(it's not much, but it's an honest setup)