Question Which one is the best printer?

Jan 19, 2021
I'm currently trying to buy a cheap printer but I don't know which one to get. Any suggestions?
My options - Compact Mono Laser Printer - Brother HL-L2310D.
HP Laser 107a.
HP LaserJet Pro M15A.
HP Laser 107w.
HP LaserJet Pro M15w.
The cheapest (first option) is 85 euro.
The most expensive (last option) is 99 euro.


Overall, it may not matter which printer you purchase. The way printers are being designed and built means that many home/small office models will not really last all that long. Especially low end models.

[Cynicism conceded.]

What requirements do you have? How much printing do you do? What is the working environment? Who will be using the printer - and "caring" for it?

Take a careful look at the costs of replacement ink/toner cartridges. That is the real cost of printing over the long run, followed by paper. Printer sales often include sale prices on ink as well. The ink costs will eventually increase.

Most new printers come with ink cartridges but only partially filled. So you can expect to be purchasing ink fairly soon.

Many printers do not do well, if at all, with third party cartridges. Paper is not as much of an issue but it can be.

Go to stores and physically look at the printers you have in mind. Lots of plastic parts now and some printers are simply flimsy.

Read product reviews, scan User Guides/Manuals, pay attention to the fine print. Visit the manufacturer's websites (HP, Brother per your list). Read Forums and FAQs. Pay attention to what is said and what is not said.

Visit seller websites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, etc.. Read verified purchaser reviews. Look for lots of reviews and the overall ratings being given.

I recently purchased a HP 9015 multi-function printer. My well treated Canon MX870 finally gave up the ghost. It was simply designed to fail and it did. Ink absorber - no real help from Canon and I did not like the newer product offerings.

The original HP ink cartridges did not last long and I do not truly print that much. Scaling back on printing as much as I can to save wear & tear and ink costs.

The HP is working well despite a loud grinding gear meshing sound at first startup. Plastic like - not metal. Have poked about but leaving well enough alone....

If there is a catastrophic failure - hopefully there will be some warranty left.

Just my thoughts and suggestions.

Phillip Corcoran

For brand recommendation, in my experience Canon printers are less prone to suffer nozzle blockages if printer isn't used for a long period (say two or three weeks).

My previous printer, an Epson, would become blocked with old ink after only five days of non-use. Cleaning cycle cleared it, but that wastes expensive ink.

I do advise you to use only printer manufacturer's ink. I tried compatible ink cartridges on my Epson and the printer ended up in neighbour's skip, so that was a classic example of false economy.