Which one of these 4 heatsinks for OC a Q6600


Aug 7, 2008
Tuniq Tower 120
Xigamatek S1283
Zalman 9700
Zerotherm Nirvana

I've heard good things about all four but which one should I get? Also, are there any other heatsinks you could recommend?


Sep 17, 2008
i wrote a little buyer's guide:

I would recommend the Sunbeamtech Core Contact freezer. it, along with the xigmatek s1283, silenx ixtreme ixc-120ha2, and thermalright ultra 120 or extreme have equivalent performance. however, the sunbeam and the silenx come with fan controls. the thermalright doesn't come with fans.

other reasons why i chose the sunbeamtech:
1. the vendor (heatsinkfactory.com) also carries ic diamond 7, which is very hard to find.
2. they also have a USPS delivery option, making them $15 cheaper for me than newegg.
3. if you qualify for newgg free shipping, then they also have a $5 rebate on it.
4. the fan speed control is higher quality than the silenx.
5. while all of them have the same basic design, the sunbeam has a slightly larger fin size. in performance tests, it usually beats the rest by .5-1C.
6. the AM2 clamp gives incredible pressure. i have to use a wrench to get it down.
7. the base doesn't need to be lapped, unlike the thermalrights.
8. the price is under $40.

[edit] other heatsinks I would recommend:

After you read my guide above, I would prefer if readers could evaluate coolers on their own. But, here's a couple that stand out:

1. Thermalright IFX-14: pricey at $100+, and hard to find. No fans, no control. However, it does come with a backplate heatsink, which is pretty cool. If I was going to remove my motherboard to install a heatsink, i would want a backplate heatsink for the effort. I believe it's possible to mount a fan on the backplate heatsink as well.

2. Coolit Pure: I live in a place where the room temperature is normally 30C, so air cooling will never get me under 30. Coolit makes hybrid-Peltier (aka thermoelectric) cooling systems. It's like using an air conditioner crossed with a water cooling system. Also pricey ($125) but a real steal when you start pricing water cooling solutions. They also make a bigger version, the Coolit Eliminator.

3. Zalman Reservator XT: an external, 1 piece water cooling system. It's ugly, but there's really no other 1 piece, all-in-one, water cooling system out there that works. Pricey, $250-300, and uses a radiator, so it's inferior to the Pure.

Overall though, other than the Pure, everything air-cooled (including most water systems) can never go below ambient temperature. And, the performance of the HDT design is so high and the price so cheap, there's no way the others can match the price-performance ratio.