Which one should i choose for i3 8100 + gtx 1050 ti uefi or bios

Oct 8, 2018
İ will buy pc i3 8100 + gtx 1050 ti 8gb ram-1000 gb hdh-3,6 ghz

İ want to do Windows 10 but which one should i choose uefi or bios ?


with a 1tb hdd, the choice doesn't make much difference. Win 10 will default to UEFI and if its a new motherboard, so will it. So don't fight it.

You will get a UEFI BIOS anyway as every bios released since 2009 is UEFI. The real question you were asking is, should I use GPT or MBR disks. And as I said, with a 1tb hdd it doesn't really matter which you choose

Main differences are:
MBR (Master Boot Record) format was the legacy format used in all versions of windows until Win 7. It supports a max of 4 partitions and only supports hdd up to 2.2tb in size.
GPT (GUID (Global Unique ID) Partition Table format was created to fix the limitations of MBR and is mainly used with Win 8 & 10. GPT drives can have 256 partitions and max drive size is 18.8 million TB which is way bigger than most hdd now.

If hdd was bigger than 2tb then I would suggest UEFI but as win 10 defaults to it anyway, you might as well use it. There are other benefits over MBR but the ones i listed are main 2.