Question which one should i upgrade?


Sep 6, 2019
hi, so my pc specs right now is
i3 8100
gtx 1060 6gb
psu vs450
ram 16gb

and i want to upgrade to i9 9900k or rtx 2060 which one should i upgrade first?


Might as well upgrade to a z490 then with something like 10600k. Upgrade psu to something more beefier and higher quality.

First of all, what is the primary purpose of this pc?
I might presume it is for gaming.
What is your budget?

Games will be limited by the cpu or the gpu.
And, which is more important will be determined by the games you will play.
Fast action shooters benefit from a fast graphics card.
Games such as sims, strategy and MMO are cpu heavy and will benefit from fast single thread cpu performance.
Multiplayer games benefit from many threads.
The i9-9900K is currently discounted and is, in fact supported by your motherboard.
You will not be able to overclock it, but it is such a strong processor at stock that there would be little need to do so. What is the make/model of your case?
9900K is a very hot processor and you are going to need a very good cooler to run it.
I suspect that such an upgrade, while possible, will not be the most effective option.

If you play fast action games, a graphics upgrade to a card like a GTX2060 would seem appropriate.
But, with the introduction of the rtx3080 cards and the upcoming 3070 or 3060 cards, I think now is not the time to jump on a graphics card upgrade.
And, plan on a psu upgrade. 540w is insufficient for modern graphics cards and the corsair vs units are not highly regarded as to quality.

Try this test:

Run YOUR games, but lower your resolution and eye candy.
This makes the graphics card loaf a bit.
If your FPS increases, it indicates that your cpu is strong enough to drive a better graphics configuration.
If your FPS stays the same, you are likely more cpu limited.

What to do??

Upgrading a psu and graphics card is the easiest thing to do.
Such a change transfers to a new build easily.

But, I think that ultimately your i3-8100, as good as it is will hold you back.

I might suggest that you look towards a i5-10600K as a processor and a Z490 based motherboard.
Your current ram would be fine with that. Unlike ryzen, intel does not depend much on ram speed for performance.
Here is a review:
All of the 10th gen Intel processors will oc or turbo to 5.0.
The main difference is how many processing threads each has. 12 for the 10600k, 16 for the 10700K, and 20 for the 10900K. You now have 4 threads and not many games can usefully use more than 6.
Multiplayer being a notable exception.
What is the make/model of your case?
You will need 160mm available for a decent air cooler.
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