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Feb 2, 2004
hi, i 'm looking for a graphics card middle price range, i shortlisted 3 cards. 1- hercules 9600XT, 2- MSI 5700Ultra, 3-MSI 5900XT. they are all around 200 euros price range, i think the last one costs a bit more, but i can afford that too. Which one of those listed should i get, i need good gaming quality, with aa and af, and less heath and noise.


The 5900XT is the best card of the ones you've listed, although if you're an AntiAliassing fan you might want to do some research on the web...

The 9600XT's antialiassing is visually quite superior to the 5900's. So I suggest you look at some Ati vs. Nvidia AA quality comparisons before you make your choice so you know what you're getting. The 9600XT is a nice card, too, so you can't go wrong with either one.

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May 26, 2003
5900XT has the best blunt firepower but for your filtering needs that 9600XT will be the best choice.

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For heat and temperature issues the R9600Pro would be a great choice, the XT is slightly louder than the PRO.

For raw performance the FX5900XT will do much better in all non-shader intensive games.

AA/AF is dependant on the game and he levels used.

Hope that helps in addition to the info already provided.

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