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Question Which one to trust?

May 9, 2020
Here are 3 cpu temp readers I have running to see whats going on...which one should I have running?I like AISuite because of the fan controls,ryzen master and HWMonitor.

ryzen master shows 43c
HWMonitor shows 55c
AISuite shows 48c

when I compare sometimes ai will show lower than ryzen.


Ryzen Master.

Hwmonitor isn't accurate for Ryzens, hasn't been accurate for AMD in more years than I can count. Throw it out.

Part of it is determining what exactly you are reading. You have a cpu with 6c12t or so. Out of those 6 cores, Asus Suite picks out the hottest core and just reports that, which can change almost instantly as a different core is used. You end up with just the hottest temp out of all the cores.

Ryzen master uses an average taken every 3 seconds instead. So if you have 5 cores at 50 and core 6 spikes to 70, Asus Suite would give you a temp of 70 (kinda pointless, really) but RM would give you an averaged temp of 54. Which is what the whole cpu is, not just 1 core.

So with just looking at 1 temp on your screen, having an aggregate cpu temp is more meaningful, because inside that 3 seconds, core 6 dropped to 50, core 2 bumped to 70, then core 2 went back to 50 and core 4 jumped to 70. All you'd get from AS is a 70°C cpu read, but RM would show as 54°C for the whole thing.
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