Question Which option should I go with?

Oct 24, 2019
So I'm a first-time pc builder/part chooser and I'm not quite sure which one of these to go for I've compiled them into pc part picker and I'll link them, but on the left is 3 options of parts. Any help on which would be good. The only difference is storage levels but I don't know whether to go for the 0.5 TB and then get and HDD later, bear in mind the main thing I'll be doing is gaming so an SSD would be faster; or go for a 1TB and have more storage and then unlikely to need more space, and if I do get another SSD and put them in Raid 0 (don't know much about raids); or another option would be to go for 2.5 and then have lots of space but be slightly slower for games, and as gaming as I mentioned before is my main focus which to go for. Any other recommendations are more than welcome especially about monitors whether to go 1080p 144hz and be a little cheaper or 1440p 144hz and be a little more expensive with a better experience, but also size I don’t know whether 24” or 27”. With 27” I feel that the pixel density would be too low at 1080p and it’s impossible (or virtually) to get 1440p 24” but 1080p 24” would be okay but I prefer bigger monitors so, again surprisingly the newbie has questions and lots of them. Thank you (for suffering through all the text)
So the only difference in the builds is the storage by the looks of things. A 500GB drive probably won't last too long unless you're happy to delete game installation files, but it will depend on how you play games; i.e. how frequently you purchase and play new games. Game installation files are getting bigger and bigger from what I'm aware so that 500GB, part of which will be taken up by the OS, may start to become restrictive. That's just my opinion though.

Don't forget if you're going to take pixel density into account then you'd have to consider eye distance too.