Which os give best performance with core i7


Feb 3, 2010
which OS is optimized for best performance with core i7? Is windows xp capable to fully utilize the capabilties of core i7?
Windows 7 Ultimate...

It has the word "Ultimate" so it must be the best and fastest.

Dude, just go with what you are most comfortable with or what offers you the best features.

- Got Windows XP already and wanna save some money? ==>> Stick with XP.

- Yer a gamer and you want DX10 / DX11? ==>> Go with Win 7.

- Running a lot of 32-bit business related software in Win XP? ==>> Win XP

- Running a lot of 32-bit business related software, but want a newer / prettier interface? ==>> Win 7 Pro so you can up the Win XP Mode application (not really for games)