Which parts to buy for the Pc i want to Build.


Mar 15, 2013
Ok let's see.

First of all if cheaper I would go with i5 3570k it will be enough for your rig. I personally don't like MSI brand but I don't know about the current circumstances of the brand. Do they have a decent product I have no idea. Personally I would go with an ASUS as a mobo. If you want to overclock you have to invest in your computer but I don't think you will ever need to OC at least your Cpu if you plan to use your computer for gaming or entertainment purposes. If you overclock the cpu too much the cpu will be burned down. I mean there are some limits just make a research about overclocking there are plenty of users that have maxed their Cpus. But on air cooling you can't O/C much you will probably need watercooling. As for GPU I can't comment because I don't know on what resolution or how many monitors will you have for your rig. 8 GB ram will be the sweet spot but Corsair has the same ram with CL 8-8-8-24 it will be better. Just make a research about reviews on your PSU. As far as I know Evga has solid products. And for thermal paste use Thermaltake TG1 or Arctic MX-2 for detailed info:
What are you going to do on your computer?

Gaming, Media Encoding, 3D Rendering, Web Surfing, ...