Which pc is better?


Jun 29, 2012
Can someone tell me which pc is better?

1st PC specs:

Intel Quad Core CPU 9550 2.83GHZ
XFX Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 896mb
4gb ram

2nd PC specs:

AMD FX 6100 Six Core CPU 3.30ghz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 ti 1gb
10 gb ram
for single dual and quad threaded games the 1st, 1 is actually slightly better. no it doesnt support dx11 but that card doesnt have the grunt needed to run it. the 550 is basically a rebadged gtx 260 with dx11 added it has no real advantage performance wise. the main difference is the cpu. and the quad core will give fairly similar or even marginally better performance than the 6 core in games due to the weaker single threaded performance that the cpu is crippled with...
for my money though i would buy neither. i would get an i3 or i5 over both.