Question Which power supply model to buy?

Everyone, I am a new user, I want to ask someone who knows about the information of a quality power supply because I want to convey it, please advise me. คาสิโนUFABET
Tier lists are opinions and may vary in quality.
I find the best estimate of the quality of a PSU is the warranty.
If it has a 7 year warranty or better, it will be a good unit.
Some go up to 12 years.
Avoid anything with less than 5 years warranty.

Consider a quality psu as a long term investment.
Buy one large enough to handle possible future graphics upgrades.
An overly strong psu will only consume the power demanded of it, regardless of the max capability.

Above all, do not buy a cheap psu.
A cheap PSU will be made of substandard components. It may not have all safety and overload protections.
The danger is if it fails under load, it can destroy anything it is connected to.
It will deliver advertised power only at room temperatures, not at higher temperatures found when installed in a case.
The wattage will be delivered on the 3 and 5v rails, not on the 12v rails where modern parts
like the CPU and Graphics cards need it. What power is delivered may fluctuate and cause instability;
issues that are hard to diagnose.
The fan will need to spin up higher to cool it, making it noisy.
A cheap PSU can become very expensive.

Do not buy one.