Which Producer of Nvidia???


Aug 11, 2009
(Nvidia 295 GTX) Okay... uhm, i have decided to go for that card, since i'm not much into Crossfire with ATI, and the other way around 2 expensive to SLI with Nvidia :)

And the card alone outsmarts both 4870x2 and 4890x2 :) except if u use 2xxx resolution, which i don't...

The problem for me is to decide which "model" of the Nvidia 295 GTX i should get... which retailer...

There must be a difference? I lined them after price, 1 = cheapest. then the price's going up.

Is there any difference on the cards? i did think of Asus, since i know them.. and XFX.. but they're like

(1) Gainward GTX295 (1.792 GB)

(2) Colorful Technology GeForce GTX 295 (Detailsalg) (1792 MB)

(3) Club 3D GTX 295 (1.75 GB)

(4) ASUS ENGTX295/2DI/1792MD3 (1.75 GB)

(5) Inno3D GeForce GTX 295 Platinum Edition (Detailsalg) (1792 MB)

(6) MSI N295GTX-2D1792 (1.75 GB)

(7) ZOTAC GeForce GTX 295 (1.792 GB)

The same card actually Varies like 100 $ :S

Like the highest is about.. 640$ or so... and the cheapest 545 $ and that's rather confusing... I doubt the price's all? I don't wanna pay that much money for a card, and then let 50$ ruin the feeling... i'd rather pay those extra bucks and the 295 i've dreamed of :p


Jul 6, 2008
All the cards are the same, they all base there cards off a reference design from Nvidia. What you want to look for when picking one out is the warranty each company provides. Some companys will have really stupid customer service and some will have great service, Some will actually cover your card if any happens and some companys will make up a lame excuse. Also look at the clock speeds of some of the cards as some are higher clocked and might have the companys own special cooler instead of the reference cooler nvidia provided. I have personally had good expecrience from EVGA, BFG, and XFX, if you can find those brands around your area.