which psu for i5 4590 gtx 970

It can't be certified because it lacks one of the power protections. The reviews say its a good PSU. The XFX XTR Gold is certainly a better modular PSU (the TS is not modular), but costs nearly twice as much as the Antec.

It will work with some overhead. I think that rockie_ has been very conservative with the estimation of the 12Vrail draw of the 'other'. I would not expect HDD, ODD, SDD, WiFi, and a couple of fans and the motherboard itself to be close to that 100W 12v estimate.

On the other hand, most GTX970s come with some sort of factory overclock and exceed the 145W from the get-go.

I would use that PSU for that system. I would not be hitting the max of the CPU and GPU together for anything but Benchmarks.