[SOLVED] Which psu

Jun 25, 2019
Asus prime a320m-k

Amd ryzen 3 2200g

Corsair 8gb 3000mhz ddr4

are you recommend which PSU for this APU system (please low price high performance)


out of those three the corsair would be the better chance to take for quality.

But here's another option for you if you can afford it


But honestly, out of all these options, none are all that great in quality.

For long term reliable quality you're going to have to spend a bit more.


This is the cheapest I would personally recommend.
It's built well and reliable enough not to fail on you and take out other parts with it for a long enough time.


I'm sorry. I can't personally recommend any of those.
I don't know the brands, and if I don't know the brand then it's because it's regional and at that point I don't have any good way of confirming the build quality of the units.

That is why I suggested the Corsair units from before both in my link and yours as well as the Antec unit.

All of those off brand power supplies look very basic and cheap.
And I mean in the bad way of cheap.

I realize you don't want to spend or don't have the money to spend on the higher priced units, but you have to understand that the power supply is the life blood of your computer, and what would you do if you bought a cheap power supply and it caught on fire or blew up or shorted out and ended up destroying the rest of your system at the same time?

To replace your entire system would cost far more than it would cost you to just buy a quality built power supply from the beginning and then be able to keep using that power supply for years to come.

So at this point, if you are going to want to buy any of those off brand silver rated cheap power supplies, then you'll just have to pick one at random and pray to whatever god you believe in that it won't destroy your computer by using it, because I cannot help you pick one of them, I'm sorry.


These are all junk-tier. You're not going to find anything safe for long-term use at this price. PSUs at this price point are just the cheapest Chinese parts around stuffed into a box and missing protections, design newer than 20 years ago, etc.

On each site, these are the least expensive you can get away with, so long as you don't intend to add a GPU.


These aren't particularly good PSUs, but without a GPU, they're acceptable quality. If you're going to add a GPU later, you'll need to move up a tier.