Question Which Router for a weak Xfinity hotspot?

Aug 13, 2020
I have Xfinity WIFI at home but I have a vacation home without the cable connection.
There is an Xfinity hotspot nearby but not close. I can connect to it legally with the WIFI card in my desktop computer but it was a very weak connection.
I removed the small antenna on the back of my computer and connected a 19db panel antenna with a cable. It gets a stronger signal but I would like to connect the panel antenna directly to a router so I can connect it to my computer with an Ethernet cable and also provide WIFI connectivity for guests. I am confused by the fact that newer routers have many antennas and by terms like repeater, extender, booster etc so I would like a recommendation for something powerful with one antenna that I can connect my 19db antenna to one for a hotspot.

I presume I can control the router over the Ethernet cable connection

Just add another card to your desktop. Then turn on internet connection sharing. Way easier. Or buy a cheap used one on eBay and use two cards. It can also act as a very secure router with a PFSense VM. But that's more expert mode.

FYI what you are looking for is a wireless bridge. You could then pipe that into a router. But it would be a real pain to setup. And I'm not sure how it will work out with those Xfinity hotspots.