Question Which RX 580 card is best for overclocking?

Jun 23, 2019
I don’t actually plan on buying the RX 580, but I’m planning on buying the RX 5700 XT which I’m expecting to have similar custom GPUs as the RX 580, especially since cards like the RX 5700 XT Gaming X have already been confirmed. I feel like going with a GPU from MSI or ASUS would be the best decision, but I would like some other opinions as well since I don’t have much experience with AMD GPUs. I’m mainly looking for a GPU that I can overclock as high as possible. I have a relatively cool system


Sadly, large roundups no longer happen all that often. Usually whatever media outlet is reporting gets GPUs sent to them.

So you might have two or three models compared against the reference model in any give test. Hard to transplant results across many companies.

The triple fan ASUS Strix does seem to get pretty high praise all around though. Gigabyte Aorus, not the base model, and Sapphire's Nitro Plus.

MSI Frozr class coolers are decent, but more for their cooling/form factor. They aren't the best, but they pretty much stick to the two slot thick design, which can be important in some small form factor builds.
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