May 29, 2018
Can you help me choose between ;
a) ryzen 5 1600, a320 mobo, rx 570
b) ryzen 3 1200, b450, rx 570
c) ryzen 3 1200, a320, rx 580
d)ryzen 3 1200, a320, rx 580 (if i save on smth else)
if you have any other ideas on where i can save please suggest it.
*The b450 i wanted in order to Overclock

*a ryzen 5 1600 is 123€
ryzen 1200 is 60
a320 mobo 44€
b450 mobo 65€
Rx 570 133€ (4gb)
Rx 580 170€ (4gb)

I intend to use it in blender, unity, photoshop, some gaming, programming, video editing, flp
i know these parts arent the best for what i want it to do but my budget is low (~410€ for the Build) (600€ all in all (+monitor, a whatever keyboard, the case, usb wifi)

For the rest of the build I decided to go for
Ram - G.Skill Aegis 3000mhz(35€)
Psu - Thermaltake 500w(38€)
Hdd - Western digital 1tb(36€)
As for Monitor - Aoc 24v2q(134€)
usb wifi adapter is a tp-link at 15€
keyboard a cheap (15€)
case (30€)
+like 8€ for shipping i guess

Thank you!!!!!
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