Which SLI PS?


Nov 30, 2005
I need to get a power supply but im not sure which one to get. I'd like to spend under 100 dollars. I am getting an SLI motherboard and an athlon 3500+. 1 evga 7800gt(going to get another one when the price goes down). 1 7200rpm Sata hd(might get another one later). and 1 dvd burner(might get another one later. Soprano case(i think it has like 3 fans in it). Any suggestions?


Antec, Enermax, and Thermaltake all make great power supplies. nVidia and others recommend a 500 watt PSU for SLI configurations.

However, I'm running SLI right now (2x 7800GTX's overclocked) with just a 485 watt power supply by Enermax with no problems. I have 4 drives total and an Athlon x2 4200+ OC'd to 2.4Ghz. Additionally, I have 3 case fans hooked up. Big ones too. :)

I think you'll be fine with anything over 450 watts with your current setup. But if you're going to add a whole lot more, definitely go for a 500 watter.