Which Speaker System for My audiophile 2496


Nov 17, 2005
I was into recording for a while before, now that I have stopped doing that I still have the Audiophile 2496 card, and its sooo clear with the current speakers I have.

I still want to improve my speakers and buy a new set. Budget is about 100 dollars.

Im going to be using it for mostly gaming and music.

What kind of speaker system could I buy that would take advantage of my Audiophile sound card. Maybe a logitech x-530, any thing else?

I also have a Panasonic 100 x 5 watt reciever so that means that I could get a stereo system and buy two "monitors" for a 100 bux and hook the reciever up to my sound card and the two monitors to my reciever. Could you guys link me to any good monitors which I could get for a total of 100 bux.

It also depends on whether or not I need 2.1 or 5.1 for gaming and whether or not that makes a remarkable diffrence in the gaming experince.

I could buy a 5.1 speaker system from Logitech or Altec lansing or just buy a 2.1 system if the quality or experince is not much enhanced.


Apr 20, 2004
If you want something insane you could get a full receiver and 5.1 from Klipsch...like some F3's or something

as far as computer speakers go i like the Z5500's for $200. or the Klipsch pro media 5.1 for around $340. They are equal systems for comparison....but i'll save $140 and get the Z5500's and frankly i like how they sound anyway.