Question Which SSD for my laptop Acer V5-591G-71Q8

Jun 17, 2019
Hello All,
I have started to notice lag in my laptop startup, and would like to upgrade to an SSD (currently 5400 RPM HDD) .
Laptop Acer Aspire V5-591G-71Q8
Chipset : Intel HM170 Express.
Need to know which type of SSD (technology wise) is possible with this laptop, and whether I need to upgrade RAM as well - I have 16 GB DDR4, and runs pleasant enough, just that i sometimes see extra large icon of DSLR images not being previewed fast enough in the folder view.

Uhh, basically, I am in China for work for a little while ~ 1 month. And thought I will upgrade to SSD here, I know people who can sort out the language part for me, but they are not hard core tech people.

THanks all..


Jun 29, 2016
It does support M.2
but crucial website does not have any details about that model.

I think replacing the HDD with a SATA SSD would be a better idea. They're cheaper and offer better value. HDD can be converted to an external drive anytime, if you want.

You don't need to upgrade RAM cause the bottleneck in your laptop is something else.
The best option, in this case, is to replace the 5900rpm with a 2.5in SATA SSD. It will make everything snappy and more responsive. Plus, they are much cheaper than NVME drives and are compatable with nearly all laptop or desktop computers made in the last decade or more.

How much storage are you looking for? My SSD pick would be a 250 or 500GB Crucial MX500 2.5 in SSD. More info here:

Your 16GB ram is fine. The major factor limiting your laptops snappiness right now is the 5900RPM HDD.
Jun 17, 2019
Thank you @Sagar_20 and @remixislandmusic !
I would be happy with 256 GB SSD. I am looking to retain the HDD too, use it as a bulk internal storage while the SSD has my main OS and the other software (statistics, office, Photo editing etc., nothing very fancy).

So now that I would be looking for M.2, in 256 or 512 GB range, which one gives the best reliability?
My laptop is waaaay out of warranty. I've had bad experience with WD and Seagate external HDDs and I want this to be really reliable. I don't need the absolute fastest one, just need something that doesn't die on me within warranty-this is after all my tech-phobic wife's machine which I've borrowed. So Crucial, Sandisk, Sony, Samsung, which one is the best in terms of reliability? Apologies if this is not a straightforward question, I am basically looking for recommendations.
I will be buying in I hope these have international warranty - I wont be living in the PRC post July end.. REason to bring this up was I think one of Transcend/Kingston had restrictive warranties on the thumb drives that I recall.

Thanks and regards,