Which system for my CD drives.

You're thinking I have the title the wrong way round. Nope.

I want to set-up a DVD-ROM and CD-RW in a system, which will be mainly for disc copying (back-ups from networked base units, other CDs etc) and want to know what the recommended requirments are.

At the moment I have:

Celeron 1100MHz

The GHz system is my main system, currently doing everything. I plan to split my tasks between the systems mentioned. One for CD stuff. One for gaming etc.

Now I'd prefer to have the GHz one for gaming, and therfore would like one of the others for the CD stuff.

What other rcommendations for the system spec for CD tasks?

Any comments?

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Just found out the full spec for that one (got it tonight).

Celeron 566 (66FSB)
ZIP 250
17" monitor
Epson colour printer

Gateway OEM. (shudder)

Free system in return for a couple of jobs. w00t!

Still not sure what to do with it. I could keep it for Office apps...Hmmm.

Print Server? LoL

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Remember my message on overclocking OEM systems? You can get the thing up to 850MHz by breaking off pin BSEL0. YOu can raise the voltage from 1.50v to 1.90v (if supported by the board) by wiring in Vid 3 to VSS. Check <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=640991#640991" target="_new">THIS POST</A> for all the information prior to Tualatin (boards with the Tualatin's VRM 8.5 use the 1.90v setting as 1.10v).
Oh, and feel free to leave feedback to bump it up.

What's the frequency, Kenneth?


Feb 16, 2002
If you're puting the DVD in the CDRW system, you'll want a decent video adapter for DVD playback. Otherwise, any of these should do just fine for CD-CD copying.

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Well assuming I can get it up to, or more than 700MHz (83FSB), I'll be using it for the CD-drives. Need to throw in 256MB of CAS 2 PC-100 though. That should get things moving nicely. :smile:

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No, you have to shoot straight for 100. There is no step in between for OEM systems. Besides, the Celeron 566 is normally a factory Underclocked processor, how else do you think they got the core voltage down to 1.50v? Probably only 99% of them will hit 850 at a higher voltage, so you could fall into the 1% catagory, but it's not likely. Do 850/1.90v. BTW, the most it will likely cost you is the cost of a decent cooler, should they be using one of those tiny units designed for old Cyrix processors (I see a lot of that).

What's the frequency, Kenneth?
Yep. Its a pain of a config.

No gfx card.
A modem which looks more like a slot CPU in PCI slot 1.
Instead of a HSF there's a HS with a cowl over it leading to the PSU fan, which happens to be a 200W supply. :frown:

Not much to it really. Nice and clean inside though. Obviously a non-smokers system.

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