Which System to get Dell,HP,Compaq or


Jan 24, 2007

I am new here, I want to get a New system, it's not for gaming, but as a all around system, music, photo, an internet. I want serious recommedations, on which Vendor to choose from. I need a very good product in the system, I need an excellent tech an service support (Ones who can really speak English and understand it as well, a Must!) And a good Warranty. I heard some of the arguments, Dell vs HP vs Compaq. I need a solid System rig. I will be spending anywhere from 1000 to 2000. I would appreciate it. Also I would get this 3 to 4 months after Vista is release.

Thanks Mega


Oct 30, 2006
i would recommend dell. Most stable prebuilt systems i've ever used. I have had good experiences with their support, but i have also heard of people having bad experiences. It may vary. But i must stress that you are paying a little more than what you are getting. If you MUST buy prebuild, i'd highly recommend dell. But i also recommend you build it your self, if you are not capable, find a friend who can. that way you will save alot more money and you can use that money towards future upgrades.


Sep 11, 2006
I have ordered a few systems from Dell and have not had many problems so I would recommend them. Have not used any HP or Compaq so can not comment on them.

Some people here hates Dell with a passion. Whether to order from Dell depends on your budget. I find if you are ordering for a low end cheap systems, about 500 ukp (about $1000 US), I find their prices hard to beat.

If on the other hand, you are spending above 800 ukp, then I recommend elsewhere simply at that price point, you get better value elsewhere. Some of the upgrade options on the Dell is just too expensive and a limited range. You are better off buying elsewhere.

One word of warning, Dell comes with a 305W PSU. So if you plan to stick in a high end GC card, make sure it will fit and have the necessary power. My brother have ran a Dell with a 7800GT without any problems for a year before changing the PSU. The PSU was not broken but it was a peace of mind change just to be safe.