Which to chose from the two?

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Nov 10, 2010
A few days back I tried to install Windows 8 Consumer preview (has Windows 7 ultimate edition) and I guess something went wrong in the way I was trying it (virtual machine, which I never had any experience with) and then Windows 7 wouldn't boot at all. In fact the set up of both Windows 7 and Windows 8 CP wouldn't find any of the partitions on the HDD at all.

I had 3 partitions initially and then some warning came up about a new partition that I tried creating being a dynamic one and then the list is too long to even decide what happened. Seems like cleaning the whole disk the windows way is the only way I can get Windows to install on it. Right now I am using Ubuntu 11.10 (totally hate the interface) on the same partition that windows 7 was before. So it seems the only way to keep my 800+gb (second partition) of data safe is to get a new HDD (claiming warranty on the 500GB seagate that I previously had is too tiresome here in India).

I have two options from the following site and need your help in zeroing down on the best one for a 1TB HDD purchase. I hope there is nothing that will come in the way of installing Windows on them:

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