Which to use for what? What to store where? Standard and SSD Hybrid.


Apr 22, 2012
I have a new standard 650 drive and I'm considering ordering a Seagate 750 SSD Hybrid. I was told by one person to just load everything to the Hybrid, I was told by another person to just load WIndows onto the standard 650 HD and to load everything else onto the Hybrid, including my games.

What I would like to know is if I would be better using one for just windows, how I should use them and what to load to which, and if maybe I should just load windows and my games onto the Hybrid and everything else on the standard drive.

I like the higher capacity of the Hybrids, hope they are as great as advertised.


Jun 13, 2006
If you're getting a hybrid drive, I'd just install everything on that drive. It will take the guesswork out of what needs to load fast and what doesn't.

The reason people split their OS and data on a true SSD build is because the SSD often isn't large enough for that user. But in the case of a 750GB hybrid drive, you won't have that problem. Plus the technology in that drive puts the most often used files/data in the flash, giving you the faster performance.

So, if you're going the hybrid route, just throw it all on that drive and be done with it. If you're stuck for space, use the second drive (650) as well, and load your pics, movies, mp3s on that.

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