Question Which tool to use for a Backup on a local HDD and Synchronisation on Google drive


Mar 2, 2010
Hi !
I want to save my data and I am a little bit nervous because I do not know how to choose a robust and reliable solution.
I saw comments about FreeFileSync but I would like to explain my needs to be sure to make right decisions
My target :
to have a copy of a folder (with subfolders), same structure)
How I imagine it :
On the cloud : Google drive (100GB)/ synchronisation (if somebody steals my computer or fire ...)
On an other local HDD on same computer : automatic backups every 3 days (in case I want to recover an old file)
Size of data (Folder + subfolder) : 15G to 30G
I also would like backups are easy to open , to list files and to recover a file (but a backup, a file)
I never did that kind of stuff and I would like a robust solution (with tutorials) even if not sexy.
Any comment / advice will be welcome
Thank you very much
Google has a tool called backup and sync, you can tell it the local folder(s) you want protected and it will always sync it to your google account storage.
If you want to have a copy of your google drive on your local PC it has that too.
So it does both things you want.


Mar 2, 2010
Thanks for your answer and it helps me to elaborate
What I understood is
Synchronization :
So with Google tools, if I synchronize my google drive with my local folder I'll have the exact copy such as new files, and also deleted files ( Files will be deleted on both side) . So I think it is a perfect solution for synchronization.
To have a backup of all history : I'm not sure that it is working
If I reformulate my needs : I want to keep history of all my work and to be able to recover any file at differents steps of development or any file I deleted by mistake.
For example : I would like to recover a file , the file I had 3 days ago .
I think I can say I would be like
Solution 1 :
_backups of my folder at different dates
Solution 2 :
_ a first backup
and after, in this backup , every x days, a copy of :
_ any new file
_ any file which file has a modification of size
_ (no file will be deleted)
My dream would be, to add, in this backup, in proper folders and subfolders a copy of modifed files with same names and an extra information such as : test1234.xls--> test1234-copy20210302.xls
So no sophisticated requests.
Sophisticated request but very useful request would be to be able to have also a list of modifications I did every day , such as :
_ new files
_ files modified
_ files erased
_ ability to display content of a backuped files
My problem is that I would like something simple , no learning curve, robust, easy to use.
I will take existing tools and I know nothing about backups tools
Thank you again for your help :)

Nota : I checked FreeFileSync manual and I understood he can keep versions . What I didn't understand is if a version could be a file at one date (with the same name). Any idea ? Thanks
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