Which type of connection for a gamer?

Hi guys,

Just moved to a new house where the router is on a different floor so I can't really run a wire to connect my PC to the internet. I'm looking at other methods and just need some advice, networking isn't exactly my speciality. The router is wireless N, probably 150mbps.

Which do you guys think is going to be the best option for a gamer like me? I'm not doing any heavy file transfers or HD streaming or anything, I just want something reliable so I can keep low ping in games and browse the web without interruption.

I don't really have a budget as such but I wouldn't like to spend a ridiculous amount. I'd be happy if I could keep it under £40. My current connection is 20mbps, I'll probably upgrade to 120mbps in 6 months or so if that matters.

So, powerline? Wireless N PCI/PCI-e/USB (lol) adapter? Wireless bridge? Some kind of other option?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Most games don't use a lot of bandwidth so most any router will do. What you should be looking for is a router that has QoS (Quality of Service) so that you can do things like tell the router games should get a higher priority than bittorent so that your downloads don't bog down the connection and make online gaming useless.