Which video card would be best for this purpose?



I've just purchased a computer for a specific reason which is to watch rmvb media files (realplayer) on my hdtv. I understand that my hdtv has no effect on the clarity of the media due to the file itself. My question now is, what kind of video card do i need for this purpose? Can i use any video card as long as it has hdmi/s video option? Does spending a $200+ video card be any different from a $50 video card? I will not be using this computer for any type of graphics development or gaming. Any light shed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


for jus watching HD movies you dont need to spend alot on a video card all you need to get is a card that has the connectivity that you need like say an hdmi port or s-video you do not have to buy gaming cards to run movies.....I would recomend getting a card thats queit cuz nothin ruins a movie like a loud video card fan