Question Which wireless network adapter do I need?

Oct 18, 2018
I have to move my pc to a desk with no ethernet access, so I need a wireless network adapter. I want to buy from my local store, and I want the best quality out of it. I have a 50MBPS connection, this motherboard, this modem, and this router, which I will be using the most. There are options for a 2.4GHz and 5GHz connection, I would like to utilise 5GHz. I don't really have a budget restriction, the most expensive one from my local shop is $150AUD ($107USD), link here, and I was wondering if perhaps it was a bit overkill. Store link here if anyone is curious. Thanks!
The best ones tend to be the internal pci cards. It is hard without digging a lot though fcc databases to find the output power on USB devices. Many are designed to be portable so have smaller antenna and lower power output to conserve battery. It is hard to find ones that are targeted at the desktop market.

PCI cards tend to put out the maximum power. The best pci cards allow you to mount the antenna away from the case.

It does not pay to buy the fancy $149 4x4 mimo card since your router only support 3x3. Even the 3x3 is kinda overkill but if you do not care about price the asus device is considered one of the best on the market