Which wireless NIC should I get?



I am in the process of building my first PC and I am unsure of which kind of wireless NIC I should get. My computer is located in my room where there are no Ethernet jacks and there is no way I am punching holes through my walls to feed wire up to my room ha ha.
I have a N router that is one story down and a few feet away.
My computer will have Windows 7 installed onto it.
Which one should I get? Do I get a card that says N draft?
I have been seeing a lot that have the standard IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.11n Draft. Does this mean they support B,G, and N?



Dec 28, 2009
I would have to agree, in my experience I would rather punch a hole a run 100ft of cable than configure a wireless network that is gonna give mediocre performance... Just my honest opinion
ok well i just researched 802.11n and according to what i read u should get a nic of the same brand as your router to acheive the full speed that device has to offer and its not backwards compatible with 802.11 b and g so the nic i posted before wont work u need to get one for n


Mar 19, 2009
If you've got an N router, you may as well get a wireless NIC that is 802.11N compatible as well. Since 802.11n has been ratified, i would avoid products that say 'draft' N on them, as they will be utilizing older versions of the standard.

In any case, N is the way to go short of running cables. Stick with linksys, dlink, trendnet, all pretty reliable brands. I've had bad luck with netgear.