Question Which wires are missing from my PSU?

Just received this in the mail today (see picture). On the left are the wires that were apparently cut. I would really like to know what they used to lead to. Thank you sincerely!

It is an Antec EA-500D
I have one of those but it's the green model. These are the cables that come with it. By process of elimination you should be able to determine which ones are missing. Looks like the P4 and berg (floppy) are missing but can't be sure from pic you linked.

  • One ATX connector (20/24 pin)
  • One P4 connector
  • One PCI Express connector
  • One PCI Express (6+2) connector
  • One ATX/EPS connector
  • Four Molex connectors
  • One floppy connector
  • Five SATA connectors
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