May 30, 2019
I have this computer.
(i5 4590 3.3 GHZ, 860 EVO SAMSUNG SSD disk, INTEL HD 4600 GPU, 240 W PSU...)
and am wondering which RAM would be fully compatible with my computer and (very) fast for games.
I cannot even find info which motherboard is in it to look myself, and even with that I probably would not have a clue.

I would really like it if bought RAM would be very well used and optimally balanced with my other components too.
It would be very nice if it had Windows Software for this RAM too, as I cannot set XMP in BIOS in my OEM computer.
Best value for money would be also prefered, but not necessary, any info is welcome.

DDR3 or DDR4? Fastest Clock speed MHZ possible? Suggested RAM brands and models for my computer? Etc...

Whatever you write, I would be grateful for :)
So lets keep it simple:
Must be DDR3, no other choice
Speed, not that relevant, intel doesn't care what speed memory is, there's no performance improvement, or if there is it is slight and only at the highest end.
No such thing as 'windows software for RAM' not being able to set XMP means you are stuck at whatever it self selects at, but again speed is not that relevant.

So the real question is how much memory?
How much do you have now? How much are you using? If you have 16Gb and are not using 15+ then there is no point in increasing it, likewise, if you have 8 and are using 6-7 then there's no point in increasing.