Which x64 OS to buy/use?


May 22, 2009
I'm planning on building a new computer sometime in September/early October. It will be primarily a workstation (3D Graphics) but will also get some use as a gaming platform and for multimedia (Blu-rays & streaming video).

Because it requires a good amount of RAM (I'm starting with 6GB, intending to upgrade to 12GB within a few months) i'm locked in to one of the x64 OSes (XP x64, Vista, Win7).

However, Win7 won't be out in September, so i would have to use the Win7 RC x64. I'd like to avoid Vista, and I've heard that XP x64 has some problems and does not support RAID.

Is the best option to use Win7 RC as my primary OS until March 2010 when I would upgrade to the retail version? Is the RC stable enough in x64 mode, and have sufficient drivers/support to be my sole OS?

I obviously don't want to buy 2 OS'es, so buying vista x64 and then buying Win7 x64 is out, as is any other double-purchase.
The retail version of Windows 7 is supposed to be out in October. If the retail version isn't out by the time you finish the build, I would temporarily use the RC. I'm using the RC on two computers at the moment and it's very stable. One computer is running the 32-bit version, the other is running 64-bit. I haven't had any problems with it at all, including drivers.


Jul 17, 2009
I just moved from XP x32 to XP x64 specifically to handle large (1 gig and more) graphics files through photoshop - other then some problems with the ram I initially purchased no real issues - I wouldn't go back to x32 in any case - XP x64 is available and in my humble opinion beats the pants off of vista 64 by just about any measure - I have very mixed feeling about windows 7 so will and would recommend sticking with XP x64 for now - good luck in any case - Jeff