Which Z370 Motherboard should i use for my new pc build ?


Jan 18, 2018
I am currently building a new pc, im new to intel and im going with the i5 8600k i was wondering which motherboard would suit me best I dont really have a budget as i can wait a few weeks to build up some extra money to get the parts needed.

Below are some features i would like/what i would be using in this pc :-

Case Used is the Cooler Master MasterCase H500P (already owned)

CPU used is the I5 8600k (already owned)

CPU Cooler used will be NZXT Kraken X62

GPU used is the GTX 1060 6gb SC (already owned)

I would like the option for RGB lights, case fan lights etc... plus maybe some lights on the motherboard itself if possible.

For storage i would be putting a M.2 960 EVO 500GB along with a 1tb hdd WDC and in time add a normal ssd, my other option is wait to get a bigger M.2 ssd instead of getting a normal ssd.

The Ram i am using has not been decided i was going to go with some G Skill Trident Z RGB ram as i am looking to build a pc which also looks nice as it will be sitting on my desk for everyone to see.

Basically i have been needing to upgrade my pc for a while i am currently running amd fx8350 with a gtx 1060 and 16gb of ram. this new pc will mostly be for gaming. I hope this is enough info to help you to help me and i thank you in advance.

This is a little off topic from the motherboard, I was wondering should i put windows onto a Hard Drive or onto a SSD ? maybe i could get a normal SSD for that and use the M.2 SSD for games ?


Nov 16, 2014
Yes, that would be optimal, SSD for the OS and the applications on the M.2. :)
For the motherboard, one of the best values out there is the Z370 Extreme 4. Great motherboard if you like overclock and really good features.

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