Question Which Z390 motherboard has a addressable RGB header ?


Aug 18, 2015
Hello i am planning on buying this case (Cooler Master H500M)

It has 2x 200mm fans that require a Addressable RGB header to utilize them to their full potential.
I was planning on buying this motherboard (MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus)
I can't seem to find out if it has one, i'm leaning more on No the more i research it. Can anyone recommend a motherboard around that same price bracket. I'm going for a red colour scheme, so a board that is either black or red would be perfect, thanks for any help guys!
Hi, no it does not have ARGB headers. It does have 2 standard 4pin RGB headers. I think the Cooler Master 200mm ARBG fans come with a controller though. Check for motherboards with a ARGB or digital addressable RGB header.

You are going to need something in $128 price range for the Digital RGB fan header.

confirmed on the ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4.. Phantom Gaming 4/index.asp
PS what CPU are you using for the Z390, if it is a 9700K or 9900K then I would suggesting a little more for a Z390 motherboard with a better VRM power delivery setup....if not or you are not overclocking then the ASRock will be fine. I would avoid the MSI Z390 Gaming Plus...