[SOLVED] While in VR, screen freezes, random RGB pixels appear and computer reboots (RX 5700XT)

Dec 9, 2020
My system:

Sapphire Pulse RX 5700XT 8G
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
MSI B450m-a Pro Max
8x2 G.Skill DDR4 16GB (XMP is open to work at 3200mhz)
Xigmatek +80 Bronze 700W (has daisy chained cables, I think I should include this: It's 5 years old)

Headset: HP Reverb G2 (using on half resolution)

15 minutes of VR gameplay (Half Life: Alyx, BONEWORKS) and:

-VR screen freezes and SteamVR crashes saying critical error, then AMD popup appears that some kind of driver timeout happened, PC doesn't crash

-Sometimes VR screen freezes, random red-green-blue colored pixels appear on the screen, SteamVR crashes. After putting down the headset I can see the same pixels on the desktop too. PC stutters for a minute then sometimes it gives BSOD with VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE or complete blackscreen and pc reboot. (Event logs say these blackscreens caused by VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE)

I had a Rift S before, I had the same errors happen and I reduced them greatly by connecting the FIRST daisy chained outputs instead of the last ones. But errors re-appeared when I changed to the G2. https://ibb.co/3yPt8dB

So my question is, what is causing this to happen? I cleaned my previous drivers with DDU and downloaded the latest one. Oculus support can't help. I never had these crashes playing flat-screen games. Can anyone help me identify what is causing this? I know 5700XT's are problematic but I don't want to RMA my card before find whats causing this because I also suspect of my PSU. Thank you for your help.

EDIT: I forgot to include, yesterday after BONEWORKS crashed, I reopened the game and set the MSAA setting from 8X to 4X. I played about 1 hours and it never crashed.
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