[SOLVED] While modern monitors can produce same no of colors, Why there is quality difference?

Oct 15, 2018
And what is an NTPC color gamut? If monitors can produce the same amount of color, aren't they have to be similar? (Compare similar tech eg.LCD to LCD)


A fairly technical topic. Short answer is that a Gamut is the range of colors a display can, well display. The ideal of all possible colors is not really achievable. At some point you are going to reach the physical limitations of the technology being used to produce color. So with each technology we assign discrete values of brightness for each sub-pixel and vary those to produce color. Those discrete limits are not infinitely variable, nor will each sub-pixel color respond with the same range.

The most common problem these days is LED based backlights causing the gamut to be more blue shifted. Blue pixels are also fundamentally brighter (higher energy wavelength) then green or red, so there is some compensation done there. Particularly in non-backlit technologies. Thus you have color standards defined so that everyone speaks the same language. Image created at one location will be a very close approximation at another location when printed, for example. NTPC, Adobe sRGB, etc.

And while, yes, per any given bit depth the same number colors is mathematically possible, that doesn't mean that the pixels can actually reach that far. Why you calibrate professional grade monitors with visual feedback systems, they drift over time as the pixels or backlight age, or simply under varying lighting conditions.

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